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Patrick Brasca  ( 派偉俊 )

“Can’t Lose You Now” (保護你)

(29 October 2015)

Patrick Brasca  ( 派偉俊 )

“My Time” (我的時代)

(from TV series Love or Spend (戀愛鄰距離)

(20 November 2015)

Patrick Brasca  ( 派偉俊 )

“I Like You” (我喜歡你)

(from TV series Love or Spend (戀愛鄰距離)

(17 December 2015)

Patrick Brasca x Jay Chou ( 派偉俊 x 周杰倫 )

“Try” (theme song for Kung Fu Panda 3)

(7 January 2016)

Patrick Brasca  ( 派偉俊 ) –

“Be Strong”

Official Theme of the ICG Games 

(International Children Games – 

New Taipei City, Taiwan, 11 to 16 July 2016)

Patrick Brasca  ( 派偉俊 ) –

“Who’s The Enemy

Theme song from Guardians of Night

(12 December 2016)


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Patrick Brasca

Article page on Wikipedia

(published 29 January 2016)

Patrick Brasca (Chinese: 派偉俊) born in 1999 is a Canadian-Taiwanese pop singer and songwriter.


Brasca of mixed European and Chinese heritage learned African drums from his father when he was just three, and learned the acoustic guitar when he was 9. At the age of 11, he had already set his hopes on becoming a singer[1]  He was taking part in a Harlem Yu variety show and met Jay Chou who signed him to his record company JVR music when Brasca was just 13.

On 29 October 2015, he released the single “Can’t Lose You Now” (Chinese: 保護你) accompanied by a music video.[1[ Soon after, he was on the soundtrack of popular Taiwanese family TV series Love or Spend (Chinese: 戀愛鄰距離; pinyin: liàn’ài lín jù lí) with the tracks “My Time” (我的時代) and “I Like You”. The two songs were included in his first short EP single also called My Time in 2015.

The Taiwanese musician, pop singer, songwriter, record producer, director and actor Jay Chou suggested that Brasca become part of the soundtrack of 2016 American-Chinese computer-animated action comedy martial arts film Kung Fu Panda 3 [1] produced by DreamWorks Animation and Oriental DreamWorks. The bilingual theme song from the film titled “Try” featured Patrick Brasca (in English) and Jay Chou (in Chinese). Brasca took part in the writing of the English lyrics to the track.[2] The soundtrack album was released on January 22, 2016 with Brasca and Jay Chou’s “Try” as the title track.[3]


*”Can’t Lose You Now”

*“My Time” (我的時代) – Soundtrack of Love or Spend

*”I Like You” (我喜歡你) – Soundtrack of Love or Spend

*”Try” (with Jay Chou) – Soundtrack of  Kung Fu Panda 3


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باتريك براسكا

Arabic article page on Wikipedia

(published 2 February 2016)

باتريك براسكا بالأحرف اللاتينية هو مغني يوب وكاتب أغاني كندي تايواني

ولد براسكا عام 1999 وهو من أصل صيني وأوروبي مختلط. بدأ يلعب الطبل بعمر الثالثة والغيتار بعمر التاسعة، وأبدى طموحه بأن يكون نجما بعمر الحادية عشرة. التقى بالمغني والممثل التايواني جاي شو الذي أبدى إعجابه ببراسكا وضمّه الى شركة إنتاجه الفني جاي في آر ميوزيك

انتشر صيته مع أغانيه في مسلسل لوف أور سبيند حيث غنى أغنيتين للمسلسل “ماي تايم” و آي لايك يو عام 2015 كما أصدر السينغل كانت لوز يو ناو

عام 2016 ظهر مع جاي شو في الموسيقى التصويرية لفيلم كونغ فو باندا 3 حيث غنى مع جاي شو الأغنية الرئيسية تراي باللغتين الصينية والإنجليزية وقد شارك بتأليف بعض كلمات الأغنية