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Description / History

Ever since I remember, I have followed music from all over the world and checked various music charts from various countries and in many languages of the world. I also kept a personal “favourite list” updated from time to time.

On 1 January 2015, I started a music chart, a very very personal listing of songs I called 1wxrld charts of a Top 200 weekly listing of songs updated every Sunday. Starting Octiber 2016, I decided to reduce it to a Top 100 for a more dynamic site with many improvements. Of course charting on our 1wxrld.com chart has no bearing on actual success, as it is a very personal, say very biased chart of mine…. But still I believe it is entertaining to follow and possibly check some of the songs appearing there.

The launching of 1wxrld.com domain (with it’s short, unique and memorable URL “1wxrld” read as “one world”) has received mixed reception, but still I am thankful for all comments.

The official chart is published every Sunday with start date Sunday 4 January 2015 (being chart 1/2015). Two preliminary charts were also prepared for Christmas and New Year 2014.

The logo

The logo is the universe where all the continents appear. The colors for wxrld are actually an adaptation of the continental colours on the Olympic flag with w (blue – Europe), x (black – Africa), r (red – The Americas), l (yellow – Asia) and d (green – Australia and Oceania). We opted for the grey for the 1 and the background which does not interfere with the clear colours of “wxrld”.


To avoid confusion between international (dd.mm.yyyy) and American way (mm.dd.yyyy) for indicating dates, I have adopted the universal yyyy.mm.dd format for dating our charts that will bypass both systems.

Related sites / URLs

The related domains that forward to my 1wxrld.com chart are:

myuuuzik is a phonetic way of writing music.

werldwayd.com section (Wikipedia editor)

A special section on 1wxrld is devoted to just a few of my music-related edits and new articles as werldwayd on Wikipedia where my contributions are quite extensively. A special werldwayd section in 1wxrld.com website highlights just some of the music-related edits and pages launched by werldwayd


Enjoy and comment on the chart as a whole or on specific songs in the chart.

The contact address is : 1wxrld@gmail.com


Why wxrld with an x


Why 1wxrld and not 1world?

First of course 1world.com was not available. The purchaser bought it and never bothered to develop it. Just check that www.1world.com

So that domain was off limits. And I certainly don’t want to pay huge sums of money for that site and domain. The very similar 1wxrld was actually still available and I grabbed it to develop it. It certainly looked sexy written as 1wxrld.

But besides looking sexy and unique, 1wxrld with the x has two very important and very relevant meanings


a. That “x” factor

The x, besides giving a graphic touch to the word, is a great symbolism of that “x factor” found in things making them intriguing, interesting and enticing enough to “x”plore. This readily applies to art and music domains as well. So 1wxrld is a sort of searching for that x in the artists and songs of various countries we sometimes simply overlook or don’t want to spend the time to search and discover. Sometimes it is also a language barrier and a geographic barrier to add, so we just dismiss them for being  in another language we don’t understand or from another culture. But there are literally thousands of talented “x” artists in our midst that we ignore or disregard or don’t care enough for, for a variety of reasons as I explained. So 1wxrld (read one world) becomes this welcoming if not all-inclusive open and welcoming attitude towards all types of music. And if you know of any artist or song that has that “x” factor, contact me by e-mail and I’ll seriously consider them for inclusion in our 1wxrld Top 200 Music Chart.


b. “x” as the “new schwa”

I am a great supporter of spelling reform. The letter x in the Latin alphabet is one of the most useless of the 26-letter alphabet. The words that do contain the letter “x” in any language including English can be easily and conveniently converted into “ks” like in tekst, seks, , ekspect or maksimum or to “gz” as in egzample, egzactly and egzonerate etc…

After having discarded the Latin x or rather replaced it with its constituent sound value(s) “ks” and “gz”, now that same letter x can be used very conveniently as the “new schwa” (the inverted e), a letter that we do need very much in English, for replacing the schwa sound as displayed in “e” or “o” or “ou” or in “u”. As examples, we can mention:

  • replacement for “e” as in tabxl (table)
  • replacement for “o” as in wxrld (world)
  • replacement of “ou” as in colxr (colour)
  • replacement of “u” as in pxrchase (purchase) etc.

With the more frequent use of “x” as a “new schwa”, sooner than we know, English language users will possibly warm up to the idea supporting a wider plan(s) of spelling reform  in English and other languages.

Now once you read that, wxrld becomes a very familiar wxrd and hopefully a more familiar website to follow as well.

Media Coverage

Interviews about the 1wxrld.com website:

— The Lebanese international periodical Al Mughtareb (Article

— Arabic Section of Radio Canada International (Report / Interview)


Website: 1wxrld.com

Social media:  

Facebook (1wxrld) /  Twitter @onewxrld 

E-mail: 1wxrld@gmail.com



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